Fishing in Wales

Fishing in Wales
Wales is home to over 240 salmon and trout rivers and a magnificently varied coastline. What follows is information taken from of the comprehensive and fascinating Fishing in Wales website, run by the Wales
Tourist Board ( It contains detailed information on the fish and many of the fisheries of Wales and has an excellent links section. It is well worth a visit!
Coarse fishing in Wales is like the landscape – where else can you find such a variety in such a small country? Virtually all species are present, from Gudgeon to big hard-fighting Barbel to specimen Carp and Pike.
In Wales, you can catch carp 1,400ft high on an isolated mountain lake, or spin for big pike in densely wooded valleys surrounded by the craggy heights. And in all this beautiful scenery, Welsh fish respond just like they do anywhere else, and often better. Carp are the most popular quarry these days and can be capable of extreme cunning.
Coarse fishing is a very diverse sport, from hunting for Pike, the ultimate freshwater predator, to roach and rudd fishing. The friendly tackle shops in Wales are more than willing to help you with you choices.
The quality and quantity of easily available Carp fishing all over Wales has enormously increased during the past couple of decades. Wherever you stay, you will not be far from several good Carp venues, whether your preference is for specimens or simply nets full of fish. They inhabit all sorts of waters going right up into the mountains to 1,400ft above sea level; some of these higher and wilder places holding surprisingly large fish. Many
managed fisheries have Carp as their speciality, providing excellent sport for visitors with all degrees of experience, from the novice to the expert.
Monsters exceeding 40lbs are known to inhabit a few waters and in several more a 20-pounder is commonplace. Just do the right things at the right time, and you could be seen cuddling your “fish of a lifetime” among those coveted “Hall of Fame” pictures on a Welsh fishing lodge wall.
Welsh waters can give specialist Pike anglers many exciting opportunities for exploration. Although it is a mountainous country, Wales can offer splendid Pike fishing to satisfy the most discerning angler wishing to come to grips with this powerful and ferocious fish. From the bare, silent moorlands of Llyn Aled to the strong currents of the River Wye, Pike waters
can be found to suit every possible taste, and all are easy of access. Fishing the rocky, tree-lined shores of Bala Lake or Pontsticill Reservoir among spectacular scenery, or watching the sunset from a boat in the pastoral peace of Llangorse Lake, will provide enough pleasant memories of productive angling to last until your next visit to battle with Welsh Pike.

Map of Wales

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